A Banner Year!  Still Going Strong!
A Banner Year! Still Going Strong!

Help us with a biography booklet.  If you have a moment, please complete the questionnaire on the Classmates '67 web page.

Please email a .jpg or send a receipt picture of you/or your family for a video montage/memory album.  (We're making something really fun.)  Send us any good ole days pictures as well.  If you are on facebook just let me know which pictures you want to use.

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A. J. Blanchard
14 years Mr. LeBlanc Traveling & motorsports Wyandotte Otis Redding 2017-09-13 16:28:32
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Alana Duval
JB Maitland/ ME Norman 2017-08-12 13:57:06
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Andre Chauvin
29 Beryl Guidry Henry Sundvick Mike Beard Donovan Leblanc pelican State and student council Woodworking Yardwork My nutty dog M.D. Shannon Sister Estelle , Cyrus Provost I still enjoy most of the music from the '60's although I am still tone deaf and couldn't carry a tune if my life depended on it. Traveling half way around the world for work and getting transferred back to Morgan City I had to think about this, but I would have owned a camera. I envy today's kids, they will have pictures of everything. I have none during high school or college. Work has taken me to Singapore, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia and both coasts of the United States 2017-06-25 21:46:41
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Aubrey Billiot
2017-09-13 12:49:37
Barbara Budge (Trosclair)
38 years Ms. Fonda Thompson, Mrs. Joye Fellows, Coach Asa Wyman and Mr. Mike Beard Cheerleading Football games Baseball games Fishing Gardening Traveling Reading M. E. Norman Mr. James Corbett and Coach T.A. Tudury Anything Motown Marrying my soul mate and being around my grandchildren!! I would have gone to college and graduated instead of only attending Orientation!! There's a funny story b hind this...if you want to know, ask me at the reunion!! That's way too many years to put into words...let's just say I am enjoying life and try to laugh every day!! 2017-08-30 11:02:06
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Bernard G. Colley
46 years Coach Belaire, Mrs. Guidry, Mr. McElveen Yearbook staff Arts & Crafts, camping, wood working, mechanics, baseball. Recently joined Rock Steady Boxing, a special program for people with Parkinson's to stay active. LaSalle, Baton Rouge, La., ME Norman Mrs. Lambert \"Raindrops\" BeeGees, Beatles Marriage to my best friend, the birth of my 3 children study harder, play football and baseball, join the Catholic church at an early age, research future careers Graduate with a BS in management from Nicholls in 71, married in 71, manager of Krogers for 7 years, hired as a buyers for La. Welding supply in 78, worked my way to VP, was Area Manager for Ferrellgas for 5 years, became Director of Operations for Airgas for the next 18 years, have been retired for 3 years. Along the way celebrated daughters birth in 73, a son in 77 and a second son in 83. Coached soccer and t-ball to baseball. I have had a very good life. 2017-09-17 21:59:43
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Brenda Aucoin (Butler)
50 years Mrs Carolyn Fenn Miss Blakley Future Home Makers of America Trying to play golf Watching West Monroe Rebel Football Traveling in our RV Bus Riding my bicycle Reading J S Elementary in Amelia Mr Sellers Percy Sledge - When a Man Lives a Woman Beatles - Twist & Shout or any of their songs Bee Gees - Any song My Marriage, the birth of my 2 daughters and 1 son, the birth of my 4 Granddaughters, 2 Grandsons and 1 Great Granddaughter. Spend more time with my parents, grandparents, 7 sisters and my 2 brothers before moving to Northeast Louisiana. I worked for Chase Bank for 38 years in various positions including Corporate Officer and Corporate Trainer. I retired in 2008. In 2008 my husband and I bought into 4 nursing homes. In 2010 we purchased a pharmacy which we still have today. 2017-08-12 13:56:46
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Coral "Corky" Clark
Richard Robicheaux, Band Fishing M. D. Shannon Cyrus Provost 2017-09-13 16:53:52
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Debbie Stansbury (Jones)
46 years Mrs. Katherine Michell Mrs. Beryl Guidry Mr. Jerry McElveen Yearbook Staff Dances Basketball Girls' Track Team Football games Genealogy Reading Crocheting Gardening M. E. Norman Elementary Connie Francis The Four Seasons The Temptations Sharing my life with my dear husband David, giving birth to and rearing my two beautiful daughters Erin and Courtney, and spending time with my four precious grandchildren Samantha, Conner, Claire, and Sydney. Explore and expand my horizons beyond my limited and sheltered environment. Graduated from LSU with a BS in Biology and Physics Education. Got married in June 1971. Lived in several states as I followed my husband to his various assignments in the USAF. Taught secondary math and science courses. Reared two wonderful daughters. Became a professional genealogist. Volunteered as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for abused and neglected children. Currently, I'm an elected Precinct Captain for the Greene County, Ohio, GOP Central Committee. Member of the Noble Circle Project, a support group for women thriving with cancer. 2017-03-08 10:32:45
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Dennis Miller
47 years Coach Al Belaire Managed boys basketball team for 3 seasons. None worth mentioning. M D Shannon Mr Cy Provost "We got to get out of this place" BY the Animals. Funniest was driving a car with no reverse gear , I had to drive in circles to pick anyone up. Memorable was accepting Christ, getting married and the birth of our son and then 2 grandchilden, Study more and finish college. Too much to list here. 2017-03-16 00:25:46
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